Top 10 Moments of 2012

In the spirit of the New Year I think a look back on 2012 is in order. I took some time and wrote down my top 10 moments of 2012. They’re in no particular order and everyone back home might not understand the context of these moments but I promise you, they were great!

Top 10 moments of 2012

– Celebrating Thanksgiving with PCVs and finally realizing that these crazy PCVs are my new family and I was lucky to be able to celebrate with them.

– Sitting with the silkies at a Famadihana and hearing an outpouring of gratitude for working with them and spending time with them.

– All the time I’ve spent with my site mate. Our town probably thinks we’re crazy together but that’s what makes it great!

– Seeing my parents after 10 months and getting to spend Christmas together.

– Being Sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer and then moving to site.

– All the time, parties, & bonding moments I’ve had with the Ambositra crew

– All 8 hugs I’ve received from my Malagasy counterparts. (one on my birthday, when I’ve had some rough times, & when I’ve left or returned from long trips) Hugs are not apart of the Malagasy culture so each one is treasured.

– My first VAC meeting where I was totally surprised by a birthday cake from the wonderful Wallie!

– Video chatting with my sister for the first time in Mada.

– Arriving in Mada and experiencing so many “firsts”

2012 wasn’t with out it’s sad and challenging times. We lost some absolutely amazing and special family members (and a fuzzy canine friend) and they will for sure be with us in thought in the upcoming year.

Saying goodbye to 2012 (in Paris no less) was fun and and the prospects of 2013 are all too exciting. I’ve got a full year in Madagascar ahead of me and some amazing possibilities for the future of Sahalandy to work out!

I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration and is looking forward to 2013 as much as I am!

Love you all!


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