The Slinky

What toy is more iconic & American then the Slinky?! Today I fulfilled one of the Peace Corps goals by introducing the Slinky to the Malagasy.

I only had this slinky because my dad insisted I take it back with me from my European vacation. Today it was innocently sitting on my windowsill when two silk weavers came to visit me. They saw it & instantly asked me what it was. I told them it was a toy & showed them how it bounces back & forth from one hand to the next. They kinda laughed & then I thought, ‘I can’t introduce the slinky without trying to show them how it can go down stairs!’ I was a little worried though because I didn’t know if it would work on my stairs. I brought the silkies outside & sent it down the stairs & it bounced down perfectly! The silk weavers, both 35-40 y/o women, thought it was hilarious & we couldn’t stop laughing. They held it in their hands & stretched it out & watched it coil back together.

Later that afternoon one of the women brought her children back to see it & they sent that slinky down about twenty times before they had to go. But their mom & I agreed that was not the last chance they’ll have with the slinky! Amin’ny manarika indray!




One thought on “The Slinky

  1. Remember the time I “made” you go down the big slide on vacation in Wisconsin? Huge fun, right?
    Oh, wait – that was the time you fell off the slide and landed on your head. Well, your sister had fun. Glad this time things worked out for you.

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